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How to Insert and Edit Tags in Word Documents

Users can insert tags, key phrases, to MS Word docs for better management and organization. Users can insert custom tags in their documents either prior to or subsequent to creating the document. If you just save the Word document, you will see that it does not contain any tag. You need to follow some steps to insert tags.
Tags are very handy, as they help with organization. For example, if you are a writer and are searching for an article on your computer, then you no longer have to remember the exact title of the document to locate it. You can add relevant tags to your document and make it easier to locate documents.
For instance, if you are a magazine editor and have several articles in your computer, and all of them have obscure or similar document names such as article.docx, article1.docx, etc. When you urgently need to locate a lifestyle article, then you can look in the folder for lifestyle to locate the files you have tagged with lifestyle.

How to add Tags to Word documents?
Add Tags from Microsoft Word
You can add tags to Word files by entering a word or phrase on the Tags segment of the Save As dialog prompt.
1.       Open Microsoft Word.
2.       Click on the File Tab.
3.       From the drop-down menu, select Save As.
4.       Now, in the Save As dialog box, select the location where you wish to save the file.
5.       Enter a name for the file.
6.       Below the document name, hit the Add a tag button.
7.       Key in a tag in the box.
8.       You can add more than one tag for a single Word file. To separate the tags, just type a semicolon next to every tag. For instance, lifestyle; article; work.
9.       You will also get tag recommendations as you enter the tags. You can choose from the suggestions as well.
10.   Hit the Save button.
Add Tags from Windows Explorer
You can also insert tags by going to the Windows Explorer. If you do not have Microsoft Office on your device but want to add tags, then here is how you can do it:
1.       Locate the file you want to add tags to.
2.       Right-click on the document.
3.       Select Properties from the drop-down menu.
4.       Click on the Details tab.
5.       Type the words or phrases in the space adjacent to Tags.
6.       Hit the OK button.

How to change tags in Word documents?
You can edit the Word doc tags through a couple of ways. Here is what you need to do:
1.       Double-click on the file.
2.       Click on File in the upper left corner.
3.       Select Info from the drop-down menu.
4.       Navigate to Properties and click on a tag.
5.       Now, you can modify the tags.
6.       Hit the Save button when done.

How to remove tags in Word documents?
You can either edit Tags band remove all of them or go to File Explorer and follow the process given here:
1.       Open Windows Explorer.
2.       Find the Word document.
3.       Right-click on the document.
4.       Select Properties from the drop-down menu.
5.       Go to Details tab.
6.       Select Remove Properties and Personal Information.
7.       After that, click on Remove the following properties from the document.
8.       Click on the square beside Tags and select it.
9.       Hit the OK button.

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