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Thursday, June 13, 2019

How to Transfer Game Data from an iPhone to iPad

Did you buy a new iPad, but you don’t know what will you do with the games and saves? Are you looking for any other method to transfer game data from an iPhone to iPad? Yes! There are few methods you can follow to transfer game data from an iPhone to iPad. These methods are listed below

Steps to Transfer Game Data from an iPhone to iPad Manually

• You need to download the iExplorer application to transfer game data from an iPhone to an iPad.

• Start downloading the iPhone to the system.

• Open the iExplorer application.

• Press on the small arrow near the device name.

• Press on the arrow near to the Applications option.

• Search for the application.

• Press on the arrow.

• After going to the main application menu, find the folder which is named as Documents.

• Now, you will get all the game data which you have saved earlier.

• You need to copy the game content to the system.

• Disconnect the iPhone.

• Connect the iPad.

• Let the iExplorer to find the iPad.

• Now, you have to copy the “Documents” file from the system to the preferred application menu given on the iPad through the iExplorer application.

Steps to Transfer Game Data from an iPhone to iPad Through iCloud Services

• Go to the Settings tab on the old iPhone or iPad.

• Press on the “Apple ID banner” option.

• Click on the iCloud option.

• Choose the “iCloud backup” option.

• After that, press on the “Back up Now” option.

• Once the iPhone is complete it’s backing up process, you need to disable it and after that, take out the SIM card.

• Insert that SIM card to any other device.

• Turn on the new iPhone or iPad.

• Go through the guidelines until you get the “App and Data’ option on the display.

• Choose the “Restore from iCloud” option.

• Type the username and password registered with your Apple device.

• Press on the Next option and finish the procedure.

• Now, you have successfully transferred game data from an iPhone to an iPad.

Steps to Transfer Game Data from an iPhone to iPad Through iTunes

• Go to iTunes by going to the computer.

• Press on the Menu box.

• Choose the iPhone symbol.

• Select the “Encrypt iPhone Backup” option.

• Type the registered password

• Click on the “Back up Now” option.

• After activating the backup procedure, take out the SIM card from the old device and insert it into the new iPhone or iPad.

• Turn on the iPad.

• Pair the iPad with the computer.

• Start setting up the Wi-Fi network.

• Select the “Restore from iTunes” option.

• Type the registered password.

• Now, you need to start restoring the game data from the backup you have taken in your iPhone.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

How to do advanced settings in YouTube on Android

YouTube! Everyone knows about this name. It is one of the largest and most popular video platform websites in the world of internet. Have millions of videos, which users can watch. Users can watch, download, share, and upload the content they want. There are many advanced settings like privacy, casting YouTube, reminder, etc., most of the users don’t know. Here you’ll know about some advanced YouTube settings and guidelines for using them.
How to use YouTube’ reminder
If you have an addiction to using YouTube, spend most of the time on it then the feature is useful for you. You can use the features to keep you away from using it too much. With the feature, you can set the time to watch videos, after your chosen time the app will remind you to take a break. Here is how to use set the reminder on YouTube.
1. Open the ‘YouTube’ app on your Android.
2. Tap on your ‘Profile’ icon.
3. Open ‘Settings’ from the account page.
4. Tap ‘General’ at the top of the settings page.
5. Tap on ‘Remind to take a break.’
6. Select the time to remind you to take a break.
You can select the reminder time from 15 minutes to 180 minutes. When you reach the time limit you set, a pop-up will appear on your screen to take a break.
How to change the privacy settings (For channel)
If you have a YouTube channel then with the privacy settings you can choose the audience for your content. Here is how to update privacy settings.
1. Open the ‘YouTube’ app and sign in with your account.
2. Open ‘Library.’
3. Go to ‘My videos.’
4. Find the video you want to update the privacy settings.
5. Tap ‘More’ button of the video.
6. Tap ‘Edit’.
7. Open the dropdown menu of Privacy.
8. Select ‘Private/Public, or Unlisted’.
9. Save your settings.
On Computer:
1. Go to YouTube Studio beta.
2. Sign in with your account.
3. Click ‘Videos’ on the left menu.
4. Select the video you want to update the privacy settings.
5. Click the ‘Pencil’ icon.
6. Go to visibility section.
7. Select ‘Private/Public, or Unlisted’.
8. Save your settings.
Update the privacy settings and control where and who can watch it.
How to open the advanced channel settings option
To get the advanced settings option for your YouTube channel, follow the steps.
1. Open ‘YouTube.’
2. Sign in with your YouTube channel account.
3. Click on your ‘Channel’ icon.
4. Select ‘Creator Studio.’
5. Click ‘Channel’ at the left menu.
6. Click on ‘Advanced.’
That’s it! The advanced setting is on your screen. Check the settings of your channel and customize as you want.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How To Troubleshoot iPhone That Won’t Turn Off?

If your iPhone does not turn off, you may get worried about your phone’s battery and feel that it may do not last for long. This situation is a bit rare, but there are a few people who face this issue. There is nothing to worry about it.  Go through this blog carefully to know the way of fixing it.
  • It gets stuck because of some software issue.
  • The button of the Sleep/Wake gets broken.
  • The screen may be damaged.
Best ways to troubleshoot an iPhone that will not turn it off
Do factory reset
  1. Firstly, do a long press on the Sleep/Wake button and Home Button together.
  2. For iPhone 7 users: Do a long press on Volume down and Sleep/Wake. The slider of power off must get displayed.  Continue pressing both the buttons.
  3. For iPhone 8 or newer version users:
  4. Tap and lift the Volume Up button.
  5. Then, tap and lift the Volume Down button.
  6. After that, do a long press on the Side button.
  7. Have a look on display. It will become black.
  8. Observe that the symbol of Apple shall get displayed.
  9. After that, lift your finger from the buttons.
  10. Note that the iPhone shall get started as like usual. After the restarting gets over, things shall work normally like before.
The method of turning on Assistive Touch and disabling it by Software
  1. Firstly, go to Setting.
  2. Then, press on General.
  3. After that, click on Accessibility.
  4. Next, go to the Interaction section and press on AssistiveTouch.
  5. Then, on the AssistiveTouch, put the switch to on.
  6. After that, note that a new symbol shall get displayed. It shall be the new software-based Home button.
Now you need to follow the given below steps for disabling your iPhone:
  1. Firstly, press the software Home button.
  2. Then, press on Device.
  3. After that, do a long press on Lock Screen till the power off slider option gets displayed on the screen.
  4. Lastly, move the slider to the right for turning off the iPhone.
The method of restoring the iPhone from the backup
  1. Firstly, connect the iPhone to the PC like the way you synchronize it with.
  2. Then, go to iTunes of the PC.
  3. After that, press on the iPhone symbol.
  4. Next, go to the Backups part, press the Back Up Now.
  5. After that, press on Restore Backup.
  6. Then, do according to the instruction given on display for selecting the backup.
  7. Note that after some time your iPhone gets started like usual.
  8. After that, disconnect it from iTunes.
Lastly, you can start using it without facing any complications.
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Monday, March 18, 2019

5 Best Ways to Boost Social Media Traffic in 2019

In today’s fast-paced world, Social Media is the best way to connect with known, unknown people and share information. It builds a distinguished reputation and helps attract and convert potential clients for business as well. There are various ways to enhance traffic on your social media account. Here are a few of the best methods for engaging the user and generating more traffic.

1. Post Valuable Content
Content is king, and social media is all about good content. People desire relevant and exciting content from various social media pages online to stay motivated, updated and refreshed. Hence, by posting ideal content in the form of photos, videos, and links with a cute caption on social media pages, you are destined to get new followers regularly.
2. Push Your Brand Accordingly
It is not only about regularly posting content, but you must also know what you stand for as a brand and update your page accordingly. Understand the visitors on your page, consider their comments, and personalize your content according to your brand. There are chances of people recommending your pages to others for the type of material you post online. And, it will often grow your page.
3. Find The Best Platform For Your Business
Not every social media platform works for one. You must explore all the options and find the one that gives you more boost. If your niche attracts Instagram users, you should give priority to your Instagram first. Same if Twitter or Facebook works best for you, consider them first. Though, you must maintain all your social media pages regularly to stay updated everywhere.
4. Cover Dedicated Keywords For Post Engagement
Instead of using any keyword that comes on your mind while posting, find the ones that fit your post and brand image well. There are always a few particular keywords that are destined to drive more users. Use them in your product descriptions and welcome new users from time to time.
5. Follow The Best Time To Post Online
Knowing your users on the social media channel is very crucial. Find the type of content they like and the best time to connect with them through your posts. Each social media platform has its own best time. There are various tools you can find on the internet that can provide you the time when your audience is most active. You have to sync your profile with those tools and schedule your post according to the best time. Make the most out of your social media by implementing these strategies on your pages!

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