Monday, July 30, 2018

How to Use Amazon’s Alexa Cast

Regular users of Amazon Prime Music were in for a surprise when they opened the app. A new icon to cast on Alexa greeted them in the new layout. Of course, this update must have left you wondering, what is Alexa cast? And how does one use it? We’re here to answer just that question!

Audio casting is not a new phenomenon. In fact, Alexa Cast is late to arrive at the scene, and Google Home supporting Google Cast beat Amazon to it. However, Alexa Cast is a feature that will allow you to cast your music or any kind of audio that you play on the Amazon Music app onto your Echo or speakers connected through Alexa (Sonos One, for example). What’s really amazing is that you can cast audio even without using your voice! All you need to do is instruct Alexa to increase/decrease the volume, play/pause the song, and even skip through your playlist.

Amazon is working on ways to inflate Alexa Cast’s functionality in the near future too. According to sources, Alexa Cast may soon also be available for playing videos and other similar services.

Here’s how you can use Alexa Cast with your Amazon Music:
Open the Amazon Music app and log into your account. Choose a song that you would like to listen to.
Scroll below to the music controls located at the bottom. You will find the Alexa Cast button, which will be located next to the shuffle button.
You will be redirected to a menu where you need to select from a list the device to play your music. Tap on the Echo device that you are signed into or any speaker connected via Alexa.
That’s it! You are now using Alexa Cast! If you wish to stop playing the audio from the external speakers, once again tap on the Alexa Cast icon and tap on ‘disconnect’option available next to your speaker.
If you are a Premium member of Spotify, you can also use Spotify Connect to cast audio onto your Echo device much like Alexa Cast.
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