Friday, February 8, 2019

How to Link Android To Google For Sending Information?

People can type on their keyboard of their PC more efficiently as compared to the smartphone. Many people take out their phone especially to see directions, set the alarm or make a note on their smartphones. Luckily, after linking your smartphone to Google, you will also be able to quickly check directions, make notes and set alarms with the help of search box.

Easily share your one device info with another!

Step 1- Share Directions To Your Smartphone
Google will help you to send directions to your smartphone.
● You require to write Send Directions, for instance, in the search bar, and Google will track the place where the phone is exactly located.
● After that, press the Send directions to my phone link to immediately share that information with your smartphone.
● Lastly, you can begin your journey only by a click.

Step 2 — Place An Alarm
● The primary step that should be taken for having an alarm is to firstly find a Set an Alarm option and after that put a reminder in Google.
● It is worth noting that the alarm is only for that specific day and will be put on your smartphone’s clock application.

Step 3- Add A Note To Your Smartphone
I am sure that you come across a lot of situations in your life related to suddenly receiving important information on the spot.
For instance, it can be a contact number of your neighbor who went to office and water from their tap is flowing continuously and you are jotting their number from the guard.
● In such cases, write in Send a Note on, and you’ll receive the notification on your smartphone and will also have your written note on it.
● You can copy the record to any of your application that you want.

Step 4: Link Your Smartphone To Google
To work on Android Action cards, you require to note some of the essential points.
● Firstly, update the Google application on your smartphone.
● Then, switch on Google Now notifications in the Google applications.
● After that, switch on Web and Application Activity on your Googleaccount.
● Lastly, ensure that you have been logged in into Google- by exactly the same accounts of your smartphone Google application and the Google site.
After completing the above steps, you’ll be easily send files from your PC to yourAndroid smartphone.

For Your Additional Knowledge
Whenever your smartphone is linked to your computer, you need to write Find my Phone to track your smartphone and make a call on it. If your smartphone has been lost by you or has been stolen then a significant step should be taken by you. It has been mentioned below-
● Firstly, lock your smartphone so that your private data be safe.
● Or, delete all the data present on your smartphone.
The step can be taken by clicking on the map to have access to Android Device Manager.

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