Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ways to Teach Siri to Pronounce Names on iOS

If you lose your iPhone and someone finds it, they would prefer to ask Siri who the phone belongs to? If Siri isn't able to pronounce the name correctly and clearly, then, in that case, it is vital to teach Siri to pronounce names on your iOS device. Siri knows your names and of your contacts too.

 Ask Siri what your name is?
Pronounce names on iOS, and once the reply comes, tell the pronunciation is not correct. Siri will then ask you to pronounce it correctly, and it will then go into the listening mode. Here now you should tell it how to pronounce your first name and then the last one. It will then present you with a few options of how to pronounce your name. Play each of it and tap the select button to whichever is correct.  If none of the pronunciation is good enough, press the "tell Siri again" button and speak your name again. Once it can pronounce your first name, Siri will ask you to pronounce your last name. The same process applies still, speak your second name and if Siri isn't able to mark it well, it will again give you a few more options, and you still have to pick the closest one.

If Siri is still not saying your name right, wait for a few more weeks for the iOS to roll out. It is coming up with some new accents for Siri, and they may help it say your name correctly. Although its all is for your own satisfaction and it has less to do with how your phone is working. You don't have to worry about the mispronounced name if your phone is misplaced. Because the name is always written on the screen.

It is apparently more important how you can teach it to pronounce a contacts name correctly. Ask it to show you the contact information, then tell Siri "that's not how you pronounce his/her/their name." Siri will again pronounce the names, and then it will ask you to teach it the pronunciation. You will then get a few different pronunciations, and you have to choose from both the first and the last name. Select the closest one and try teaching Siri again.

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