Friday, August 17, 2018

How to Resize Pictures on Mac

Mac’s Preview tool is amongst its most underrated features. Preview is not just for viewing images. With Preview app, pictures can be quickly and effortlessly resized for free. You do not have to install a third-party app or go online to resize or crop an image. You can also crop the image and discard the unnecessary portion. Here is how you can resize and crop images using the Preview app on Mac:

Resize the image with Preview
You can resize an image by going to Preview. With Preview application, you can resize the whole picture without having to crop it.

1. Go to the picture you wish to resize. If you cannot find it, then go to Finder, and look it up. Click on the image from the search results.
2. After locating the image, either drag it and drop it to the Preview. Its icon is located in the Dock. Alternatively, right-click on the picture and click on Open With. Select Preview from the list of options.
3. Now, the Image Preview should open.
4. In the top bar, below the file name, you will see an Edit option. Click on it.
5. Now, you will be able to see a taskbar on the upper side of the Preview screen.
6. Click on the Tools tab. Select Adjust Size from the drop-down menu.
7. Now, an Image Dimensions box will open.
8. Decrease or increase the resolution of the picture.
9. You can also increase or decrease the height and width of the image.
10. Check if you want to scare proportionally or resample the image.
11. If you tick the box before Scale proportionally, then the picture will not be warped.
12. Click on the OK button after making all the relevant changes.
13. You can now see whether the picture has been resized how you wanted or not.
14. Save the image.

Crop the image with Preview app
Preview app also allows you to crop the picture and resize it. Here is how you can do that:
1. Open the desired picture with Preview.
2. Click on the Edit button located at the top of the Preview screen.
3. In the upper left side of the screen, click on the rectangular icon below the View tab.
4. Doing so will prompt a menu. Click on Rectangular Selection from the list.
5. Now, just select the portion of the image you want. Use your mouse to select the rectangular section.
6. After that, click on the Crop option located in the upper right corner of the screen.
7. Now, save the file.

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